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The History of the USGA® Green Section Record

The USGA Green Section has recorded and published information of value respecting proper maintenance and upkeep of golf courses since 1921, but May 1963 marked the debut of what golf course superintendents and course officials everywhere have come to know as the USGA Green Section Record. More than 400 issues later, it continues to provide the game of golf with pertinent information and unique perspective on the maintenance and management of golf courses.

Over the past 70 years, Green Section publications have taken several forms. From 1921 through 1933, The Bulletin of the Green Section published a tremendous amount of research and cultural management information, but it became a casualty of the Great Depression. Turf Culture was begun in 1935 and appeared sporadically during the late 1930s and then more regularly from 1939 until 1942. Another publication, based on a newsletter format, was introduced in 1940 and was called Timely Turf Topics. It contained short articles and notes of current interest and was published more frequently than Turf Culture. In 1948, USGA publications were consolidated into the USGA Journal combining Timely Turf Topics, changing names in 1950 to USGA Journal and Turf Management. This format and name continued until Vol. 1, No. 1 of the USGA Green Section Record appeared in 1963. A popular feature during the print era was Turf Twisters, which appeared on the back cover of the magazine. It offered readers a quick tip on dealing with nagging little turf problems.

In July of 2010 the Record ceased in print and became electronic-only. It continues today as an electronic bi-weekly publication, offering articles with the latest information on research, turfgrass culture, golf course management, and environment issues. Combining agronomic and management topics without advertising has made the USGA Green Section Record an important information resource for golf course superintendents, Green Committee members, course officials -- and golfers.

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February, 1921 - March, 1926 Bulletin of the Green Section of The U. S. Golf Association
April, 1926 - December, 1933 The Bulletin of The United States Golf Association Green Section
April, 1936 - May, 1936 Comments on Turf Culture
June, 1936 - Spring, 1938 Turf Culture (I) (irregular)
January, 1939 - March, 1942 Turf Culture (II)
May, 1940 - March, 1948 Timely Turf Topics
Spring, 1948 - Winter, 1949  USGA Journal, Combining Timely Turf Topics
February, 1950 - February, 1963  USGA Journal and Turf Management
May, 1963 - May/June, 2010 USGA Green Section Record (bi-monthly)
July, 2010 - Present USGA Green Section Record (electronic weekly/bi-weekly)

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